Terms of Service

Business Terms

Moe Repair – All computers and equipment will be accepted on an AS-IS basis. Service charges do not include failing hardware devices. Customers will be contacted via phone if additional services are required, which will be at an additional cost subject to customer approval. These terms are subject to change without notice. Customer’s acceptance of full terms assumed upon work order creation. Moe Repair reserves the right to refuse any work order when in violation of this agreement.


Full payment will be required at the time of pick-up or on-site delivery. All services rendered including but not limited to hardware and software purchases are subject to Applicable taxes. Authorized company technicians carry mobile payment devices accepting Visa and MasterCard payments along with cash, business, or certified cheque. At this time, we are not able to accept Personal Cheques.

Data Integrity and Recovery Disclaimer

Moe Repair is not responsible for any data loss during a repair process. Technology is unstable and anything can happen. Our state-of-art equipment and software are specially designed for data recovery. Moe Repair offers bad disk recovery services; however, no data recovery work order is guaranteed to work. Customers accept to hold Moe Repair free of responsibility in case data can’t be recovered, is not found on the media, or is destroyed during recovery attempts. Hardware failure with storage media is very unstable and it is recommended to make regular backups.

Agreement of Non-Disclosure

Moe Repair agrees to comply with the non-disclosure clause of this agreement unless required by law. The company agrees not to look at, make copies of, discuss, or print the client’s personal information including but not limited to documents, images, and media unless required by law. Data (data recovery, data backup, and data transfer) services are exempt from this term to a certain extent as data services may not be possible to carry out without access to data. Moe Repair employees including technicians and office assistants are covered under a non-disclosure agreement. This term can be revoked if data access is needed during a work order or for testing and completion of a particular job i.e. testing internal components such as speakers, microphone, and webcam require access to your operating system. We will attempt to notify customers of such actions – if we get in contact, you will be given the choice of whether the company can access data or not. If we can’t reach the owner of a computer, we assume the right to access it in order to finish the job on time. We may be required to remove or bypass internal operating system security features like passwords in order to complete repairs.

Warranty on Spyware, Malware, and Virus Services

Spyware, Malware, and Virus removal services are not guaranteed as it is user dependant, such as opening an infected e-mail message can affect a computer again. Our technicians will ensure proper protection is provided on every service call or work order but infections of this nature depend on usage habits. Moe Repair may, at its own discretion apply for infection removal service without charge for up to 30 days after services are initially rendered.

Equipment Recycle

Any computers, components, or other equipment brought in for recycling is deemed as a final transaction and cannot be returned to the customer. Computer components that contain information including but not limited to Hard Disk Drives, DVD Drives, and USB Sticks destined for recycling can ONLY be obtained at the time of pick-up or pre-arranged for deliveries without any additional charge. Any time after service is complete components will be recycled without the possibility of return. Moe Repair is responsible for completely wiping any media device that is in condition to be wiped. Any devices that fail to power up may not be wiped before recycling. Old defective parts are recycled at the time of equipment pick-up.