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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll find answers to common computer-related questions. Have something else to ask about? call us at 778-951-4872

A great option to boost speed and resolve problems brought on by increasingly demanding software needs is to upgrade RAM. We offer Ram upgrade services for both laptops and PCs.

We recommend backing up your data on an external USB drive as well as on the cloud (online). Our team of experts can assist you with both of these services.

One of the finest improvements to any computer is an SSD hard drive upgrade. If you use your computer for more than an hour each day, you will experience several advantages, including time savings and an improvement in general computing happiness. Businesses with sluggish computers face significant risks. Even a little amount of wasted time caused by sluggish computers, such as 15 minutes each day, adds up to approximately two 40-hour work weeks annually. Get your computer checked out today so you make sure it is running at full speed. Call us at 778 951 4872

If your computer is acting slow for any reason, never assume it’s the computer in its entirety that needs replacing. Call us today to bring your computer in for a quick diagnostic to see how we can help you without spending hundreds of dollars on a new machine. Rest assured that your computer and data are safe with us.



Computer issues vary in severity. We can let you know what the cost of a repair will be once we diagnose your computer which is free of charge in most cases.

All software-related repairs come with a one-month free warranty. All hardware-related repairs come with a 3-month warranty period ( excludes physical damage).

Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7. We advise updating your Windows 7 laptop to Windows 10 or 11, which is quite reliable and compatible with the majority of hardware. Find out how we can help you with this issue without losing your data by speaking with one of our specialists. If your OSX hardware is no longer supported, you might not be able to upgrade to the newest version of OSX. To find out which software is currently supported by your Mac, you can contact us.

A variety of things, such as your computer, router, or service provider, might contribute to internet speed problems. Speak with one of our professionals to obtain assistance in resolving your problem and returning to your crucial responsibilities.

Call us at 778 951 4872 if you require more assistance for a prompt answer.

Mihiran MapalagamageMihiran Mapalagamage
03:41 14 Jul 23
Hassan JavidHassan Javid
21:43 10 Jul 23
Morgan PolnyMorgan Polny
17:27 06 Jul 23
Some parts of my laptop stopped working and i use it for work so i was in full panic. Called Moe and explained the issue. He was very knowledgeable, knew what the issue was without even needing to look at it. He had to order a part, and made sure i had a solution so i could work until the part came in. Luckily part arrived early, and the best part.. Moe was able to fix it that afternoon. So quick! And it's all good, works like a charm. Very happy with the communication, speed and service. Would definitely go to Moe again and would recommend him to anyone as well.
Kevin SKevin S
04:04 22 Jun 23
Our gaming PC shorted when we moved. Moe diagnosed the problem and fixed the short quickly.Works great now! Honest, efficient, and communicates readily!
Nauman ZahoorNauman Zahoor
03:13 17 Jun 23
Moe did an amazing job at replacing my Mac Pro battery. Super nice and efficient. Only took 30 minutes. Definitely recommend!
Martin CMartin C
22:20 30 May 23
If you're in search of an honest, upfront, and skilled laptop repair technician, look no further than Moe. Moe is a transparent, professional technician who will let you make an informative decision on your repair options. Unlike other repair centers who quoted me vague repair rates and didn't let me know what was wrong (not even that my battery was swollen!), Moe is extremely open and pleasant to work with.Moe performed a comprehensive diagnosis of my Dell laptop at an excellent rate, let me know my motherboard was fried, and provided a precise breakdown of replacement costs and labour costs.This information let me make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the repair or to just save my data drive and remove the swollen battery.He is super friendly and easy to talk to as well. I highly recommend Moe for anyone who values great service, honest communication, and top-quality laptop repair. Thank you again Moe!
Ethan McKoenEthan McKoen
02:52 20 May 23
Moe helped me upgrade the wireless card in my Asus G14. I had some blue screen issues after the change, so I brought it back to Moe and he sorted out the problem quickly and at no extra charge. The laptop has been working flawlessly since then. I will definitely be returning to Moe for future PC repairs.
Jeff RepoleJeff Repole
00:05 21 Apr 23
Moe was quick to respond and very knowledgeable. When I dropped off my son’s laptop he explained exactly what needed to be done and kept me in the loop of when it would be completed. When it came time to pick up my laptop, he was quick to respond and when he brought it out it looked like it was new again. Great work had great service!!! I would recommend Moe to anyone who has questions or needs electronics fixed. Thanks again!!

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